High School Hellcats

A quick look at the reviews I’ve done in the past should make my love for juvenile delinquent movies pretty apparent. Today we’re going to look at a film which may have one of the greatest titles in the history of the juvenile delinquent genre. It’s the tale of a new girl at school, desperate... Continue Reading →

Good-Time Girl

Probably just about everyone who was a high school student in the 80’s has the shared experience of getting to watch the Academy Award winning documentary “Scared Straight” at school. They were doing what they could to keep us vicious suburban kids out of the slammer. Back in the 50’s, of course, there were movies... Continue Reading →

The Party Crashers

In most juvenile delinquent films I’ve encountered, the parents are usually pretty run-of-the-mill.  They’re usually a bit strict, and perhaps not as tuned in to their troubled teens as they should be.  It certainly wasn't the "everyone over 30 is stupid" type vibe that ruled the teen films of my era, the 80's.  But in... Continue Reading →

So Evil, So Young

Kind of a sub-genre of the juvenile delinquent movies of the late 50’s and early 60’s is the girls-in-prison genre.  Often we would end up with a good girl who wrongly ends up in a prison or boarding school ruled over by evil old ladies.  Today’s movie definitely fits into that mold, with two minor... Continue Reading →

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