Young and Dangerous

I’ve shared several times about the fondness I have for the juvenile delinquent films of the 50’s.  They try, oh so slyly, to disguise themselves as exposing the dangers of letting your teens run wild, but they really just use that as an excuse to show the sort of nastiness that puts butts in seats.... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a High School Bride

A seventeen-year-old girl, still in high school, runs off and marries her twenty-four-year-old boyfriend.  Sounds like the kind of stuff we saw in after-school specials quite often in the 80’s.  But in 1959, this was the stuff of cheap, short, exploitation today’s movie, “The Diary of a High School Bride.”The film begins with a... Continue Reading →

Young and Wild

The juvenile delinquent movies of the 1950’s are a lot of fun.  They try so hard to appear to be cautionary tales or to promote good citizenship.  But that was just an excuse to create stories featuring teenagers doing all sorts of nasty stuff...and of course, that put butt’s in seats.  The 1958 film “Young... Continue Reading →

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