The Cave of Silken Web

When we think Shaw Brothers, we usually think of kung fu...and lots of it! That’s certainly what the studio is most known for, but it has also ventured into other genres, as well. Today’s film has its fair share of martial arts action, but that is not the main emphasis. It’s a film that is... Continue Reading →

Two Champions of Shaolin

There’s always something magical when you sit down to watch a movie and the first image that appears on the screen is that big “SB” logo on a blue background, made complete with its majestic fanfare, rivaled in the world of cinema only by the 20th Century Fox theme. That’s right campers, I’m talking about... Continue Reading →

The World of Drunken Master

One of the films that really turned Jackie Chan into a star was 1978’s “Drunken Master.” The success of this film ended up leading to a ton of films trying to capitalize by having Drunken this and Drunken that in their titles. One such film is the one we look at today. It came in... Continue Reading →

Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu

There is a long tradition in kung fu films with strong female characters. There’s also a great tradition of one-armed fighters. Our film today gives us both...a one-armed female fighter out to save her father’s kingdom. This film is known by several titles. Sometimes called “The Snake, The Tiger, and the Crane,” but on the... Continue Reading →

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