The Beach Girls and the Monster

There’s nothing quite like a beach party movie! You get to hit the surf with Frankie & Annette and the rest of the gang, plus you usually get a few tunes from the likes of Dick Dale and the Deltones and Little Stevie Wonder. It’s not exactly scary stuff. But what happens when you mix... Continue Reading →

The Mummy’s Curse

After the great success of 1941’s The Wolf Man, Lon Chaney Jr. was the go-to actor for horror movies. He ended up playing so many of the classic characters. He played Dracula, well his son anyway, in Son of Dracula, and he was Frankenstein’s monster in The Ghost of Frankenstein. Chaney also made three appearances... Continue Reading →

Mad Doctor of Blood Island

The world of horror movies is filled with mad doctors. From Dr. Frankenstein on down, you just can’t trust those scientists. It makes sense, after all they’re always hanging out in creepy castles and surrounding themselves with hunchbacked weirdos. They may be brilliant but there’s a few screws loose as well. As for the doctor... Continue Reading →

Zombie Lake

Of all the monsters out there, zombies seem to be among the most popular these days. I admit, zombies are gross and scary but I’ve never quite understood how they manage to be successful as monsters. I mean, most zombies seem to be very skilled at moaning and walking slowly, so the key to surviving... Continue Reading →

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