Attack of the Crab Monsters

Pretty much any kind of animal, but giant-sized, can be the springboard for a B horror movie. Giant monkeys, lizards, name it! Today, leave it to our old friend Roger Corman to take seafood and turn it into a monster. I guess that’s one way of thinking of it: giant crustaceans could destroy humanity,... Continue Reading →


One of the true tests of the success of a movie is whether or not other filmmakers try to rip it off. One film that got more than it’s fair share of copycats was Joe Dante’s Gremlins. In the years that followed, several other films about little monsters were released, including Critters, Munchies, and today’s... Continue Reading →

Lady Frankenstein

When it comes to the classic movie monsters, Frankenstein is my favorite. I love the Universal series of films and am intrigued by the many other films inspired by the characters. When it comes to Frankenstein on film, they cover the whole range from masterpiece to garbage. Today we look at another member of the... Continue Reading →

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