Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters

I gotta hand it to the Japanese, they sure have a way with monsters. From Godzilla to Mothra to Gamera to the things the Power Rangers fight...when it comes to bizarre rubber-suited creatures, they know what they’re doing! Today’s movie comes from a series of Japanese kids movies featuring a whole mess of strange creatures.... Continue Reading →


When it comes to monkey movies, there’s just no beating “King Kong.” It’s the movie so nice they made it thrice! Kong is a tough act to beat, but still there are several other maniac monkey movies out there. Since Kong had already taken a bite out of the big apple, our movie today features... Continue Reading →

The Giant Gila Monster

The gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the US. He’s a slow-moving guy, and though I’m sure his bite is unpleasant, according to Wikipedia, no human has died of a gila monster bite since 1939. So, he’s not exactly the most lethal critter out there...but everything’s more menacing when it’s huge! In... Continue Reading →

The Wasp Woman

In 1958 the world first met “The Fly.” It was a 50’s horror classic...there have been sequels, and remakes! The following year, there came a film that was clearly inspired by that film. Instead of a man with a big-eyed bug mask, leave it to Roger Corman to give us a woman with a big-eyed... Continue Reading →

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