Mister Rock and Roll

Music videos are usually thought of as being a product of the 80’s. However, they have existed in one format or another pretty much since sound came to the movies. Today we’re going to look at a film which is essentially a feature-length collection of music videos...but this isn't MTV we’re talking here. The year... Continue Reading →

Twist Around the Clock

Old TV shows get turned into movies, video games get turned into movies, heck, even board games get turned into movies. So why not a dance craze, right? Back in 1990 there were two movies that were inspired by the Lambada dance craze...and that wasn’t even a real craze! But a legitimate dance craze was,... Continue Reading →

The Apple

Ok, I’m not trying to start any sort of argument here between the Cult of Apple and the PC crowd.  Use whatever the heck kind of computer you want, what do I care!  But I gotta say, there are times when I find the Mac users worship of all things Apple to be a bit... Continue Reading →

Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

Movies are supposed to be fun!  I think a lot of filmmakers forget that.  There have certainly been plenty of times where I’ve seen some big prestigious movie and though I may have been able to recognize it as an excellent film I didn’t have any fun watching it.  Then you have movies like the... Continue Reading →

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