Invaders from Mars

At Halloween time we tend to focus on monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, or the Wolfman - but what about the sort of horrors that come from other planets? After all, aliens can be gross, slimy and downright mean. If only all aliens were just popping over to say “Hi,” like good ole E.T. But no,... Continue Reading →

Cat-Women of the Moon

Why did President John F Kennedy challenge our nation to send a man to the moon in his famous 1961 speech? Some say it was scientific exploration, some say it was a matter of beating the Soviets to the punch. The real answer is simple: because the moon is populated by beautiful women! I know,... Continue Reading →

Cherry 2000

It’s incredibly frustrating to think that we are now living in the future that many 80’s movies tried to forecast and it just ain’t near as wild as those flicks made it out to be. Back to the Future Part II is the film everyone talks about. It was set in 2015, just two years... Continue Reading →

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