Fraidy Cat

There were many third stooges over the years. It started with Shemp, then Curly took over when the act got big. Shemp came back when Curly got sick and stuck with the act until his death. He was replaced in 1957 by Joe Besser. Truth be told, Besser is probably my least favorite stooge. He’s... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Do kids still dream of being cowboys? I’m not sure that I ever did. I was too consumed with Star Wars to be thinking about ropin’ and ridin’. I’ve got to admit, though, as an adult living in Colorado...the West...I’ve often thought it’d be cool to go walkin’ around in the full cowboy getup. I... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: Woman Haters

In my younger days, I spent many summer afternoons watching old Three Stooges films on channel 32 in Chicago. My grandfather especially loved the stooges, so I have fond memories of watching them with him. Their films were shown on television over and over summer after summer. I imagine I have probably seen all of... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: Bad Day at Cat Rock

In the 1960’s the age of the animated theatrical short subjects was near its end. The classic shorts were becoming a staple of children’s television, but most studios were not producing new theatrical shorts. Over at MGM, however, they were continuing to produce films starring their two biggest cartoon stars...Tom and Jerry. In 1963 the... Continue Reading →

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