Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis

There are many different version so f Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent film Metropolis. It seems like every few years more footage is discovered and a new restored version of the film is released. The current “definitive” cut of the film runs about 148 minutes long, and they still believe there is footage that may never... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 26: The Oyster Princess

For episode 26 of the Forgotten Filmcast we take our first journey into the world of silent films. Who better to join me for such an excursion than Fritzi Kramer from Movie Silently. We discuss a 1919 comedy from Ernst Lubitsch, The Oyster Princess. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen Show Notes: Movies Silently... Continue Reading →

Headin’ Home

Baseball players as actors!?!? Sure, why not? Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite big league star up there on the big-screen. And if you’re going to try and turn a baseball player into a movie star, why not start with the biggest of all time. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the one and... Continue Reading →

LAMBcast – Metropolis

Forgotten Films is a proud member of the LAMB...the Large Association of Movie Blogs. It is a great place to find over 1300 blogs about movies. Through their various features they build community among movie bloggers and help encourage discussion about films. One regular feature is the weekly LAMBcast, a podcast where a variety of... Continue Reading →

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