Warner Archive New Releases – February 19, 2013

The Warner Archive is back this week with a healthy dose of western awesomeness and the return of a favorite screen detective. Enjoy this week's new releases! - The Gun Hawk (1963) - Hiawatha (1952) - The Boy from Oklahoma (1954) - Fort Vengeance (1953) - Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958) Next up is the return... Continue Reading →

Born Reckless

Almost 19 years ago, I transplanted from the windy city of Chicago to the great western city of Denver. I love being able to experience the wonderful culture that this beautiful state does such a great job of preserving. One thing I certainly never experienced as a Chicagoan is rodeo. But out here, each summer... Continue Reading →

The Man from Button Willow

I’m a big animation fan and I’ve seen an awful lot of animated films. I’ve often thought that the western genre is one that would lend itself well to animation, but a cartoon western is pretty rare. Today’s film is one of the few. From 1965 it’s “The Man from Button Willow.” The story concerns... Continue Reading →

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