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  1. i hope you can help me im trying to find a film i watched bout 30 years ago it was about a couple who went to a cottage near the beach , the man died after hitting his head on a rock i think and the woman was so upset , he came back from the dead . he wasnt the same and she killed him if i remember correctly ,i could have sworn the title was something like footprints in the sand but ive searched and found nothing so it cant be right , i hope it rings a bell to someone plz help ty

  2. I was hoping you may be able to help me find out the names of the entire cast of The Girls on the Beach. Any help you give would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I hope you can help me, I saw that Universal has a Vault Series of “Now and Forever” with Shirley Temple on dvd in color, I would like to know are they going to have “Little Miss Marker” with Shirley Temple on dvd in color, which is also a Universal movie ? I have it on VHS in color.

    1. I have no information on planned releases for the Universal Vault Series. These are hard ones to find out about as they are only available through Amazon and are usually released with little fanfare.

  4. There was a film starring Zach Galligan and Teri Hatcher back in ’92 called All Tied Up. I searched the longest time about 5-6 years ago looking for this DVD and forgotten the name, so typed as well of a description in Google to somehow find it and then “BOOM” it found it! I’d say that’s a not so bad forgotten film. There’s also Jeff Bridges and Andy Garcia in the great mid ’80s classic 8 Million Ways to Die.

      1. Haha, nice! I figured you did already. Great film, but you can only buy it on DVD in region2.. So I did. I’m guessing you’ve also reviewed the Bill & Ted films? I also saw a movie called “Renegade” or “Blueberry” as a different title.

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