I Love Melvin

When it comes to movie musicals, there are certain titles that have become iconic. The Sound of Music…The Wizard of Oz…Singin’ in the Rain…and, of course, I Love Melvin! (Insert sound of needle scratching off a record here). Okay, maybe not that last one. Coming just a year after the release of what I, and…


Fast Food

I have a teenage daughter who is starting to look for a part time job. Thing is, she’s pretty much sworn off working in fast food. I can’t say I blame her, I was the same way when I was her age. Today’s movie takes us into the world of speedy food service, but I don’t…

Walt_Sent_Me Smaller

Walt Sent Me Episode 65: Ransom

It’s Jimmy Shaker Day! That means that on the new episode of Walt Sent Me, Kristen and Todd discuss Ron Howard’s 1996 thriller Ransom. Also on tap is a look at the 1952 short subject Lambert the Sheepish Lion. Download the Show: iTunes Podomatic Your Listen


Little Fauss and Big Halsy

I’ve only rode on a motorcycle a few times in my life. All of those times were when I visited a small island called Selat Panjang. It’s a part of Indonesia and there are no automobiles there. So, everyone gets around via motorcycle, bicycle, or ricksha. There’s also a lack of traffic laws,so being the passenger…