1984-a-thon Day 5

Just two more days to go on the epic 1984-a-thon, but we have a ton of great reviews to fill your weekend. Enjoy this latest batch of posts! - Prowler Needs a Jump kneels before The Pope of Greenwich Village. - Mike's Cinema gets mixed up in a little Cloak & Dagger. - The Rosebud... Continue Reading →

Hard to Hold

Back in the early 80’s Rick Springfield was seen as a bit of a double threat - actor and rock star. His song “Jessie’s Girl” hit number one in 1981, meanwhile he was playing Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera General Hospital. Still, he was a soap opera star - not exactly considered the... Continue Reading →


In 1984 Tom Selleck was still a major TV star thanks to the success of Magnum PI. However, I imagine that he was still feeling a bit of a sting from having to turn down the role of Indiana Jones due to his commitments to that show. Still, attempts were being made to turn him... Continue Reading →

Oxford Blues

One of the legacies of 1984 was that it was the beginning stages of the rise of a group of young actors who would come to be known as the “Brat Pack.” At the forefront of this group was Rob Lowe. In 83 he had some success with films like The Outsiders and Class, but... Continue Reading →

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