Split Decisions

There are a handful of actors who I so admire that I will watch anything they appeared in. Gene Hackman is one of those actors. I wouldn’t care if everyone said it was the worst movie ever made, if Gene Hackman is in it, there’s going to be something worth watching. So, that’s why on... Continue Reading →

Campus Man

In the 80’s, movie theaters were flooded with films aimed at teens and young people. This was fine with me since I myself was a teen at this time. Come on, you think in 1987 I was heading out to the theater to see 84 Charing Cross Lane? Heck no! I was shelling out for... Continue Reading →


Sure we usually think of horror films as being stories about things like zombies, or vampires, or some sort of paranormal nastiness. But we also have a whole other category of horror films about animals that attack. Jaws is probably the most famous example. The Steven Spielberg blockbuster spawned a ton of other films about... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Billie Jean

When it comes to the 80’s, “The Legend of Billie Jean” may be the ultimate forgotten film.  One of the many many teen films of the decade, it was forgotten shortly after it was released in 1985.  Thanks to home video and cable TV, many kids of the 80’s discovered the film.  But then VHS... Continue Reading →

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