Campus Man

In the 80’s, movie theaters were flooded with films aimed at teens and young people. This was fine with me since I myself was a teen at this time. Come on, you think in 1987 I was heading out to the theater to see 84 Charing Cross Lane? Heck no! I was shelling out for... Continue Reading →


I’ve had more than my share of car repairs in my life.  I hate the experience.  I have zero knowledge of the inner workings of an automobile and the mechanics can sense that...they smell it.  Like how cats always know that I’m allergic to them, so they try to rub their fur all over me.... Continue Reading →

Hiding Out

I can’t stand the show Two and a Half Men.  Let me just get that out from the beginning.  It is just so unnecessarily crude.  Watching it reminds me of the experience of riding the school bus in middle school seated near a classmate who has just discovered the existence of certain descriptive words for... Continue Reading →

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