Inspector Clouseau

What happens when a studio has a nice little franchise going but a major player decides they don’t want to return? If you think that’s stopping anyone then you don’t know much about movies. In 1963 Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther was a big hit with Peter Sellers, who was not the lead character, stealing... Continue Reading →

Full Moon High

In the 70’s and 80’s one of the big names in B-movies was Larry Cohen. He was known for a wide variety of movies, including blaxploitation films like Black Caesar and Hell up in Harlem, giant monster movies like Q, and all three chapters of the It’s Alive series of monster baby movies. In our... Continue Reading →

The Jerky Boys

It should no longer come as a surprise to us when Hollywood tries to turn just about anything that had a smidgen of success into a movie. You’ve got a popular video game...hey, we can turn that into a movie! Board game...there’s a movie there somewhere! Young pop star who only acted in her 2nd... Continue Reading →

The Monitors

In the world of the movies, most aliens are ugly nasty guys.  They’re always wanting to blow up the world or take over someone’s mind.  It’s no wonder some plucky earthlings are always trying to kill them.  But the aliens in today’s movie, 1969’s “The Monitors” are nice guys, yet the citizens of Earth are... Continue Reading →

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