Goliath and the Dragon

Anyone who went to Sunday School when they were young knows the name Goliath. The story of how the young David defeats the evil Philistine giant is one that is often shared with kids. Though, it’s kind of a grisly story for kiddie fare. It’s got decapitation and everything! The bottom line, though, is that... Continue Reading →

Wild in the Streets

Well kiddos, the election is just about upon us. In just a few hours everyone will be out there trying to cast their ballots. It’s going to be a madhouse! We’re talkin’ tons of people. But imagine how many more people would be in line with you if the voting age were lowered...like, let’s say,... Continue Reading →


When it comes to monkey movies, there’s just no beating “King Kong.” It’s the movie so nice they made it thrice! Kong is a tough act to beat, but still there are several other maniac monkey movies out there. Since Kong had already taken a bite out of the big apple, our movie today features... Continue Reading →

Die, Monster, Die!

I watch a lot of movies, but there are some that I just have no desire to see. I’ve mentioned before how I am not a fan of real icky gory splatter fests. That being said, I’ve pretty much avoided H.P Lovecraft adaptations like “Re-Animator” and “From Beyond.” But, I did decide to tackle the... Continue Reading →

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