Rover Dangerfield

It seems like ever since the 90’s animated films have put an emphasis on getting big celebrities to voice the main characters. I think Aladdin was the film that really got this trend going back in 1992. Casting Robin Williams as the wisecracking Genie was an inspired choice. Today it doesn’t seem to matter if... Continue Reading →

Wot a Night

When most cartoon fans hear the names Tom & Jerry we think of that famously violent cat and mouse team. When I was a kid, their theatrical shorts were a staple of UHF kids television. However, nine years before the cat and mouse team appeared in 1940 there was another animated team called Tom and... Continue Reading →

Channel Superhero

Today I want to invite my loyal readers to check out another site that I'm a pleased to be involved with. Bubbawheat has been a longtime friend of this site. He is the man behind Flights, Tights and Movie Nights, which focuses on any and every superhero/comic related movie. He's appeared on the Forgotten Filmcast... Continue Reading →

Shorts Week: A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Do kids still dream of being cowboys? I’m not sure that I ever did. I was too consumed with Star Wars to be thinking about ropin’ and ridin’. I’ve got to admit, though, as an adult living in Colorado...the West...I’ve often thought it’d be cool to go walkin’ around in the full cowboy getup. I... Continue Reading →

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