Love Potion No. 9

Probably the first film I remember seeing Sandra Bullock in was Speed. For others it was Demolition Man. I admit, I was a little behind on catching that one. But like most big actors, she had some earlier films that were nowhere near as successful as these more iconic movies. In Bullock’s case there was... Continue Reading →

The Hindenberg

The mid 70’s was the height of the disaster movie craze.  There were plane crash movies, capsized luxury liners, and towering infernos.  So, why let a good actual disaster go to waste?  The 1937 crash of the German zeppelin The Hindenberg is a vivid memory for many, regardless of their generation, due in large part... Continue Reading →

The Naked Street

Not many B-movies have an acting pedigree quite like today’s movie, 1955’s “The Naked Street.”  It features Academy Award winners Anthony Quinn & Anne Bancroft...not to mention Farley Granger from Hitchock’s “Rope” and “Strangers on a Train,” and the one and only Peter Graves.  I’m more used to films that star Who?, Never-heard-them and What’s-her-face?... Continue Reading →

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