The Savage Innocents

With so many different styles of movies out there, I know that there’s one thing that has consumed your mind all these years...the fact that there just aren’t enough eskimo epics out there. I feel you pain, man. Fear not, though, film fans, for today we’re traveling back to the year 1960 for an eskimo... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Ep 13: Last Train from Gun Hill

Happy Labor Day everyone! What better way to enjoy your day off than to plug in the old headphones and enjoy the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast! This time, Todd is joined by Toby Roan from Fifty Westerns from the Fifties to discuss the often overlooked John Sturgess western Last Train from Gun Hill.... Continue Reading →


In 1988 there was a little movie called “Young Guns.” I’m the sure the pitch to the studio big-wigs was simple...cast some of the hottest young actors as famous old west outlaws. It was a hit and it spawned a 1990 sequel which recruited a few more young up-and-comers to play cowboy, including Christian Slater.... Continue Reading →

Across 110th Street

I love movies that have great title sequences. Sometimes you just get a great mix of music and visuals that perfectly set the stage for what is to come. One of my favorites from recent years is the opening of Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown.” In that sequence I especially love the use of Bobby Womack’s... Continue Reading →

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