As Young as We Are

The story of a teacher who has a relationship with a student sounds like something we’d see in a movie today.  Heck, how many Lifetime movies alone have used that as a premise? Not that I watch that stuff.  But long before basic cable, B-movie producers looked for any controversial subject they could to get... Continue Reading →

Invisible Invaders

When Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith founded United Artists in 1919 with dreams of greater creative control, I doubt any of them imagined that the likes of “Invisible Invaders” would one day be released under that company banner. I guess you could make a case that this 1959 sci-fi cheapie displays... Continue Reading →

The Naked Street

Not many B-movies have an acting pedigree quite like today’s movie, 1955’s “The Naked Street.”  It features Academy Award winners Anthony Quinn & Anne Bancroft...not to mention Farley Granger from Hitchock’s “Rope” and “Strangers on a Train,” and the one and only Peter Graves.  I’m more used to films that star Who?, Never-heard-them and What’s-her-face?... Continue Reading →

Three Bad Sisters

We’ve talked before about how truth in B-Movies titles was never considered a high priority.  Take the 1956 film “Three Bad Sisters,” a scandalous sounding title, but not terribly accurate.  But who can blame the producers...ya gotta admit, “One Bad Sister, One Crazy Sister, and One Slutty Sister” wouldn’t have fit on a theater marquee... Continue Reading →

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