Hillbillys in a Haunted House

What’s Halloween without a trip to a haunted house, right? Let’s get some creaking doors, plenty of cobwebs, eyes peering out from behind a painting, maybe a skeleton or two...oh and how about some hillbillies? That can be scary! Remember Deliverance? Our movie today brings us a haunted house full of country music singin’ hillbilies... Continue Reading →

The Black Sleep

There are certain movie actors who have come to be known as horror icons. From Lon Chaney to Robert Englund, these are actors who, despite working in many genres, are always thought of for their horror roles first. Our film today features not one, not two, not even three...but four horror icons. Oh, plus one... Continue Reading →

Queen of Blood

During last year’s Halloween series, I reviewed a film called “It! The Terror from Beyond Space.” Many point to this film as being a possible inspiration for Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Today’s film is another which could’ve served as somewhat of an inspiration for that film. It was released in 1966 on a double bill with... Continue Reading →

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