Crush-a-Thon: The Wizard

Our next Crush-a-Thon contributor is Nathan Withrow, who you may know better as Bubbawheat.  His site, Flights Tights & Movie Nights, deals with films inspired by the world of comics and superheroes.  He also hosts the Film Whys Podcast.  On each episode another film blogger has him watch a classic movie he's never seen before,... Continue Reading →

The Explosive Generation

The teenagers in our movie today have what may be one of the coolest things ever. They have Captain James T. Kirk for a teacher! Of course, this is was a few years before he would go where no man has gone before. Still, these kids were smart enough to tell that this guy had... Continue Reading →

The Landlord

Last week, completely by coincidence I ended up watching both the first and final films from director Hal Ashby. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. His last film was 1988’s “8 Million Ways to Die” featuring Jeff to come soon. His first film, interestingly enough, features brother to Jeff, Beau Bridges in... Continue Reading →

Two-Minute Warning

Have I mentioned that I hate football? Usually I watch one football game each year...The Super Bowl, and I do that for the commercials. To me, football season is that deep dark time between the end of the World Series and the start of Spring Training. Today’s film, takes place almost entirely at a football... Continue Reading →

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