The Black Sleep

There are certain movie actors who have come to be known as horror icons. From Lon Chaney to Robert Englund, these are actors who, despite working in many genres, are always thought of for their horror roles first. Our film today features not one, not two, not even three...but four horror icons. Oh, plus one... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 16: Island of Lost Souls

We've been focusing on scary movies here at Forgotten Films for the month of October...which means the Forgotten Filmcast is getting in on the scary fun as well. This time, Todd is joined by Terri from Gore Girls' Dungeon to talk about the 1932 creepfest Island of Lost Souls. Enjoy...and don't get too scared. Download... Continue Reading →

Mark of the Vampire

Many actors have that one famous role. You know, the part everyone thinks of when they think of that actor. Take Sean Connery, he’s played many different parts, but everyone still thinks of him as James Bond. When we think of Bela Lugosi, of course, we think of Dracula. Lugosi pretty much defined the role,... Continue Reading →

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