Into the Night

I’ve always been a fan of John Landis’ films. He’s directed a number of classics including Animal House, The Blues Brothers, and An American Werewolf in London. The director is also known for occasionally giving cameos to other filmmakers. You can usually find a few peppered throughout most of his movies, but one of his... Continue Reading →

Cat-Women of the Moon

Why did President John F Kennedy challenge our nation to send a man to the moon in his famous 1961 speech? Some say it was scientific exploration, some say it was a matter of beating the Soviets to the punch. The real answer is simple: because the moon is populated by beautiful women! I know,... Continue Reading →

Announcement: 1984-a-Thon

Today I’m thrilled to announce a new blog-a-thon that will be coming up later this summer. After having such great success with the Big League Blogathon back in April, I just couldn’t resist having another one. This year is the 30th anniversary of what, in my opinion, is the greatest year in the history of... Continue Reading →

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