Beware! The Blob

I remember that in my youth, the 1958 horror film The Blob was not all that well regarded. Many saw it as a cheapo 50’s horror flick with the novelty of having a major star, Steve McQueen, in one of his earliest roles. Now, we live in a world where this film is spoken of... Continue Reading →

The Sentinel

In the wake of “The Exorcist,” horror movies that had something to do with the demonic were all the rage. I guess there’s just an extra level of scary when you have old priests doing battle with the forces of hell... which, according to today’s film, lies on the other side of a wall in... Continue Reading →


I grew up watching reruns of a lot of classic TV in the 70’s and 80’s.  Weekday nights at 9:00 on channel 32 in Chicago was when we caught Jackie Gleason and company in “The Honeymooners.”  That was must-see-TV for us back then.  Also in that category were the reruns of the “Batman” TV series,... Continue Reading →

The Hindenberg

The mid 70’s was the height of the disaster movie craze.  There were plane crash movies, capsized luxury liners, and towering infernos.  So, why let a good actual disaster go to waste?  The 1937 crash of the German zeppelin The Hindenberg is a vivid memory for many, regardless of their generation, due in large part... Continue Reading →

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