Grandview U.S.A.

Pontiac, IL was a place I stopped in often during my college years. It was about halfway between my hometown and where I was attending school in Peoria, IL. It was a convenient place to stop and take a break from driving when making a trip back home. I didn’t realize at the time that... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon: Secret Admirer

For our final Crush-a-Thon entry we have Tom Panarese.  Tom blogs at Pop Culture Affidavit, where each week he covers something completely random in the world of popular culture.  When not writing or podcasting about random movies, TV shows, or comic books, he teaches high school English. His crush: Lori Loughlin I can't decide whether or... Continue Reading →


On the outskirts of the town I grew up in there was a large property that had once belonged to a World War I era colonel. The grounds have since been turned into a military museum. As a kid, one of the best things about visiting there was getting to see the collection of tanks,... Continue Reading →

Far Out Man

When I was a kid I had a good friend who lived next door. His dad had a collection of records and among them were several of Cheech and Chong’s comedy albums. We would listen to them regularly. “Dave’s not here man,” that stuff cracked us up. Of course, we didn’t get most of the... Continue Reading →

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