Forgotten Filmcast Episode 164: Aladdin

On the new episode of the Forgotten Filmcast, Todd is joined by Austin Trunick, author of The Cannon Film Guide to discuss the film Aladdin. No, it's not the Disney animated version. This is the 1986 Cannon Films version starring Bud Spencer as the genie. Download the Show:iTunesPodomatic Show Notes:Austin on Twitter Music:"Protofunk" Kevin MacLeod... Continue Reading →

The Naked Cage

I tend to think of Cannon as having been a pretty fearless studio. There was nothing beneath them. Ninja films, breakdancing movies, Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, you name it!  So, it only makes sense that they would dip their toe into that genre known as women in prison flicks at some point. So in 1986... Continue Reading →

Hero and the Terror

I’ve heard said that back in the 80’s Cannon Films would divide the potential action scripts into two piles depending on which “Chuck” they were best suited for...Charles Bronson or Chuck Norris. Well, our film today is one that ended up in the Norris stack, apparently. As usual, the film is not terribly heavy on... Continue Reading →

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