The Devil Within Her

After “Rosemary’s Baby” came along in 1968, it opened up a whole world of movies with evil kids. Famously there was “The Omen,” but not-so-famously there was today’s film which features one mean little baby. It’s title sounds like it should be in that little curtained off, “adults only” corner of your local video store...but... Continue Reading →


I was in kindergarten when “Star Wars” came out in theaters.  I remember my father and I sneaking out of the house to see it, so that my brother, who was two years younger, wouldn’t know we had gone.  My parents felt he was too young to see it yet.  That night changed the rest... Continue Reading →

At the Earth’s Core

It’s amazing how in the movies many incredible scientific discoveries are made by complete idiots. I mean, how many bumbling scientist characters have there been anyway? Today’s film, 1976’s “At the Earth’s Core,” features a scientist who barely has the brain power to walk in a straight line, yet somehow manages to invent a giant... Continue Reading →

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