Sibling Rivalry

I admit that I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for many of the film’s directed by Carl Reiner. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Oh God!, but I remember it being one I watched a few times as a kid. I’ve always loved his collaborations with Steven Martin...The Jerk, The Man... Continue Reading →

Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video

Who would’ve though in 1975 when “Saturday Night Live” debuted that it would still be on the air 37 years later? It’s come pretty close to getting cancelled from time to time, but yet the show has endured. One of the show’s original writer’s was Michael O’Donoghue...he even appeared in the show’s debut skit as... Continue Reading →

The Man with One Red Shoe

Tom Hanks is about the closest thing we have to Hollywood royalty these days. Once he was that guy in a dress on the show “Bosom Buddies,” and now he’s the elder statesman of the entertainment community. So, could any of his films really fit into that category of “forgotten films?” Well, today’s film is... Continue Reading →

Under the Rainbow

One of Hollywood’s most persistent legends is the tale of the trashing of the Culver Hotel at the hands of the Munchkins. Rumor has it that during the production of “The Wizard of Oz,” the Munchkins would spend their nights at the hotel engaged in wild drunken parties. Some versions of the legend replace the... Continue Reading →

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