You know what they say, right...everybody has to start somewhere. For many young actors, that somewhere is horror movies. Actually, cheap horror movies would be more accurate. These films are always looking for attractive young actors and actresses looking for their first big break. In 1982, a young Demi Moore certainly fit that bill. She... Continue Reading →


I think at my age it is now safe to say that, despite the warnings of many supposedly learned adults of the 1970’s, television did not rot my brain. I grew up in front of the TV, and I have no problem with that. When I was younger we only had three networks and a... Continue Reading →


Throughout the 90’s and the early 2000’s the art of the B-horror movie was being kept alive and well by filmmakers like Charles Band and his Full Moon Entertainment company. With popular franchises like the Puppet Master series leading the way, Band’s films were staples of video store shelves. Not quite as iconic as his... Continue Reading →

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