Forgotten Filmcast Episode 158: 4 for Texas

The Rat Pack goes to the old west in this episode of the Forgotten Filmcast. Todd is joined by Nick Rehak from Rehak Radio to discuss the 1963 film 4 for Texas, starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita Eckberg, Ursula Andress and Charles Bronson. Wait that's five! Actually let's make it eight by adding that... Continue Reading →

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

J. Lee Thompson is a filmmaker with a unique filmography spread out over his nearly 40 year career. In the 60’s he directed films like The Guns of Navarone and the original Cape Fear. In the early 70’s he helmed the last two Planet of the Apes films. Then in the latter part of the... Continue Reading →

The Evil That Men Do

By 1984, Charles Bronson was no longer the big action star he once was. He was getting older and the era of action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, and Bruce Willis was fast approaching. But Bronson still had his following, and each year, like a grizzled gun-totting Woody Allen, he would deliver one, if... Continue Reading →

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