Walt Sent Me Episode 20: Chicago

It took twenty episodes for it to happen, but for the latest installment of Walt Sent Me Kristen and Todd welcome a guest. Terence Johnson from Awards Circuit joins in the discussion of the 2002 Oscar winner Chicago. We also look at the debut of Donald Duck in the short The Wise Little Hen. Oh,... Continue Reading →

The Monitors

In the world of the movies, most aliens are ugly nasty guys.  They’re always wanting to blow up the world or take over someone’s mind.  It’s no wonder some plucky earthlings are always trying to kill them.  But the aliens in today’s movie, 1969’s “The Monitors” are nice guys, yet the citizens of Earth are... Continue Reading →

Al Capone

There’s no place quite like Chicago.  I grew up there...it’s “my kind of town.”  One of my favorite things about Chicago is our unique crop of local celebrities.  Personalities like Harry Caray, Bozo the Clown, The Empire Carpet Man...but, of course, the one everyone knows, all over the world, is Al Capone.  The notorious gangster... Continue Reading →

Bwana Devil

Growing up in the Chicago area, my family often visited the Field Museum.  That was the place to see dinosaurs, and when I was about 6 years old I was really into dinosaurs.  I also remember going to see King Tut there sometime around 1977 and I remember visiting room after room of taxidermy exhibits.... Continue Reading →

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