Clint Howard has been in the acting biz for a long time. As a child he showed up in a famous episode of Star Trek, and of course these days you can spot him in most movies directed by his little brother Ron. IMDB credits him as having appeared in well over 200 films and... Continue Reading →

The Wraith

Ghosts come in all sorts of forms...from Casper to Patrick Swayze. But not all ghosts are content to spent a film singing Herman’s Hermits tunes to Whoopi Goldberg. As evidenced by our film today, there are some spectres who seek out revenge, as many of us would, by challenging those responsible for our murder to... Continue Reading →

Eat My Dust

Nowadays we tend to think as Ron Howard, first and foremost, as a director...and maybe as the narrator on Arrested Development. When I was a kid he was Richie Cunningham, one of the lead characters on Happy Days. That was must see TV every Tuesday night in the 70’s. Every now and then he would... Continue Reading →

Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

Movies are supposed to be fun!  I think a lot of filmmakers forget that.  There have certainly been plenty of times where I’ve seen some big prestigious movie and though I may have been able to recognize it as an excellent film I didn’t have any fun watching it.  Then you have movies like the... Continue Reading →

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