Crush-a-Thon: Secret Admirer

For our final Crush-a-Thon entry we have Tom Panarese.  Tom blogs at Pop Culture Affidavit, where each week he covers something completely random in the world of popular culture.  When not writing or podcasting about random movies, TV shows, or comic books, he teaches high school English. His crush: Lori Loughlin I can't decide whether or... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon: The Wizard

Our next Crush-a-Thon contributor is Nathan Withrow, who you may know better as Bubbawheat.  His site, Flights Tights & Movie Nights, deals with films inspired by the world of comics and superheroes.  He also hosts the Film Whys Podcast.  On each episode another film blogger has him watch a classic movie he's never seen before,... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon: Vibes

For our next Crush-a-Thon entry we turn to the female perspective, courtesy of Lauren Humphries-Brooks. Lauren writes about movies over at Suddenly, A Shot Rang Out... and is also a frequent contributor at Man I Love Films. She says of herself, "I long to be a daring combination of Jack Kerouac, Charles Dickens and Hunter... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon: Josie and the Pussycats

For our first guest post of the 2013 Crush-a-Thon we turn to Danny Reid. Danny went to journalism school, ended up becoming a history student, and works as a software engineer. He also spent many years working at a variety of mom and pop videostores, thus bestowing upon himself a truly eclectic experience in cinema.... Continue Reading →

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