Crush-a-Thon: Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

1990 was a big year for Winona Ryder. In just the last three months of year, she stared in three movies. One was Edward Scissorhands, which teamed her once again with her Beetejuice director Tim Burton, and also featured her then squeeze, one Johnny Depp (“Winona Forever” tattoo indeed). Then there was also Mermaids, in... Continue Reading →

Crush-a-Thon 2: Winona Ryder Edition

Last year for Thanksgiving Forgotten Films turned its attention to a salute to the celebrity crushes of youth. Several guest bloggers participated in last year's Crush-a-Thon and I am thrilled to announce that once again we have several great bloggers lined up for this year's event. Last time, the event was named for my biggest... Continue Reading →

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