Forgotten Filmcast Episode 158: 4 for Texas

The Rat Pack goes to the old west in this episode of the Forgotten Filmcast. Todd is joined by Nick Rehak from Rehak Radio to discuss the 1963 film 4 for Texas, starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita Eckberg, Ursula Andress and Charles Bronson. Wait that's five! Actually let's make it eight by adding that... Continue Reading →

At War with the Army

When Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis first started in the movie biz, their contract with Paramount Pictures was such that they were able to make one film away from the studio each year through their own production company. The team’s first film, My Friend Irma, was a hit and a sequel went into production, but... Continue Reading →

The Ambushers

When the Austin Powers films were released several years ago many people called them a spoof of the James Bond series. While there was some degree of truth to that, Powers actually borrowed a bit more from some other swinging 60’s of whom was Matt Helm. Of course, the character of Matt Helm originally... Continue Reading →

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