Loose Cannons

The evolution of the buddy cop film is an unusual thing. They began pretty straightforward...one’s a young guy, one’s an old guy. Perhaps it’s one’s a black guy, one’s a white guy. Before you knew it we had one is an alien and one is a human or one’s Whoopi Goldberg and one is a... Continue Reading →

Haunted Honeymoon

One of the greatest comedy films of all time is Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein.”  It’s not only hilarious, but is a loving tribute to the original Frankenstein films.  Of course, an awful lot of credit for the film goes to Gene Wilder, as well.  The movie was his idea, and he co-wrote the film with... Continue Reading →

Lucky Lady

My parents enjoy movies, but they have never been as big about movie watching as I am.  But one movie I do remember that they “passed down” to me was “The Sting,” and it remains one of my favorite films.  It won the Best Picture Oscar for 1973 and was the second highest grossing movie... Continue Reading →

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