Cat-Women of the Moon

Why did President John F Kennedy challenge our nation to send a man to the moon in his famous 1961 speech? Some say it was scientific exploration, some say it was a matter of beating the Soviets to the punch. The real answer is simple: because the moon is populated by beautiful women! I know,... Continue Reading →

Gildersleeve’s Bad Day

One of my favorite film discoveries of last year was The Great Gildersleeve, the first of a series of four films to bring Harold Peary’s famous radio character to the big screen. I’ve enjoyed old-time radio programs since I was a kid so seeing one turned into a film was very intriguing for me. Having... Continue Reading →

In Fast Company

I know a lot of people complain about some movie series’ getting out-of-control with the number of sequels, but there is a part of me that enjoys getting to revisit characters again and again. Quite frankly, today’s film series are nothing compared to the number of instalments that we saw in the classic film era.... Continue Reading →

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