Sports was never my thing. I played a little bit of soccer as a kid and a lot of baseball in the cul-de-sac at the end of the street, but I can’t say I was ever any good. Hockey was certainly never a game that was in my wheelhouse. Sure we played it in gym... Continue Reading →

Executive Action

Back in 1991 Oliver Stone played me for a fool. When I first saw his film JFK I was completely in. No matter how outlandish the theories he put forth, I was completely sold. Twenty some years later I’ve become much more skeptical. I don’t claim to know what happened that day in Dallas, and... Continue Reading →


Teen films ruled the box office in the 80’s. Most of the movies were comedies, like the John Hughes films and their various imitators. But every now and then there was an attempt at a hard-hitting teen drama. In today’s film, the teen angst of John Hughes’ world is traded for gangs and knife Continue Reading →

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