I’ve known a lot of people with unique names. I have a cousin named Coke, I went to school with a guy named Helmuth, and I know a kid named Talon...but never in my life have I known a Chachi. I dare say, there may be only one Chachi in the world. The one loved... Continue Reading →


There was a time in the 80’s when the future of Disney animation seemed somewhat uncertain. Films like “The Great Mouse Detective” and “The Black Cauldron” had not been as well received as many of the Disney films of the past. Many people felt that stronger work was to be found in the films of... Continue Reading →

Midnight Madness

Up until 1979, the only rating Disney movies had ever received from the MPAA was the family friendly G.  It was 1979’s “The Black Hole” that first earned a PG for the studio.  But a year later, Disney released another PG rated film called “Midnight Madness.”  This one was a comedy and it’s PG rated... Continue Reading →

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