Under the Rainbow

One of Hollywood’s most persistent legends is the tale of the trashing of the Culver Hotel at the hands of the Munchkins. Rumor has it that during the production of “The Wizard of Oz,” the Munchkins would spend their nights at the hotel engaged in wild drunken parties. Some versions of the legend replace the... Continue Reading →

Three Bad Sisters

We’ve talked before about how truth in B-Movies titles was never considered a high priority.  Take the 1956 film “Three Bad Sisters,” a scandalous sounding title, but not terribly accurate.  But who can blame the producers...ya gotta admit, “One Bad Sister, One Crazy Sister, and One Slutty Sister” wouldn’t have fit on a theater marquee... Continue Reading →

“Corman’s World” Trailer

Just about a year ago I happened to Tweet that I was watching Roger Corman's "The Wild Angels."  The next day I received a notice from Twitter that @TheRogerCorman was following me.  I was absolutely flabbergasted!  THE Roger Corman! I admire Mr. Corman a great deal.  Many people simply think of him as a director... Continue Reading →

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