Trail of the Pink Panther

The role that I’ve always most associated Peter Sellers with is that of Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther series. The original series saw nine entries, and to this day I’m still not exactly sure which ones I’ve seen and which ones I haven’t. They all start to blur together after a while. There has... Continue Reading →

The Sting II

I’ve mentioned before that my parents were never really big movie people. However, there were a few movies that they made sure me and my siblings saw. These were among the first movies that they rented when we got our first VCR, Christmas 1983. One of the films they made sure we watched was the... Continue Reading →

Alfie Darling

You’d think that the unavailability, or unwillingness, of a star to take part in the sequel to one of their films would put the breaks on things. Even more so when we’re talking about a film that really put a certain actor on the map. Such was the case with Michael Caine and the 1966... Continue Reading →

Dream a Little Dream 2

The 1980’s brought us many strange events in the world of pop culture. Chief among them, the rise of two teenage actors both with the first name Corey. The two Coreys, Feldman and Haim, teamed up for several films in the 80’s and beyond. Their final effort of the 80’s was a bizarre, and downright... Continue Reading →

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