Crush-a-Thon: The Wizard

Our next Crush-a-Thon contributor is Nathan Withrow, who you may know better as Bubbawheat.  His site, Flights Tights & Movie Nights, deals with films inspired by the world of comics and superheroes.  He also hosts the Film Whys Podcast.  On each episode another film blogger has him watch a classic movie he's never seen before,... Continue Reading →

Guest Post – Underrated Dramas

It's always a huge honor for me whenever Brian at Rupert Pupkin Speaks invites me to share a post at his site. This week he started up a new series on Underrated Dramas and I am thrilled to have my list appearing on his site today. Perfect timing too, since one of the films on... Continue Reading →

Guest Post – Underrated Comedies

I always love getting the chance to write for other movie blogs. Today, I'd like to encourage my readers to head on over to Rupert Pupkin Speaks and check out the post I did for their Underrated Comedies series. Rupert Pupkin Speaks is run by Brian Saur, who was my first guest on episode 1... Continue Reading →

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