The Unholy

If the movies have taught us one thing, it’s that being a priest in a horror flick ain’t no Sunday school picnic. They’re always having to deal with things like demons, nuns with fangs, and little girls who spin their heads around and vomit pea soup. The 70’s were an especially big time for the... Continue Reading →

Wild in the Streets

Well kiddos, the election is just about upon us. In just a few hours everyone will be out there trying to cast their ballots. It’s going to be a madhouse! We’re talkin’ tons of people. But imagine how many more people would be in line with you if the voting age were, let’s say,... Continue Reading →

Capricorn One

I guess it’s just the nature of some people to believe in highly improbable conspiracy theories. When something earth shattering happens, a simple explanation just doesn’t seem good enough for them. There has to be more to the story! There are many folks out there who believe one such conspiracy was that NASA faked the... Continue Reading →

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