Night Train to Terror

Ah, the horror anthology film. For those who feel that one scary story is never enough, there always seem to be plenty of anthology movies to fill the Halloween season. But I dare say, there may be no such film quite as strange as the one we’re looking at today. It’s a film that features... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Filmcast Episode 39: The Funhouse

Halloween is almost here, so we've got one more scary episode of the Forgotten Filmcast before the big day arrives. This time, Todd is joined by Bernardo Villela from The Movie Rat to discuss Tobe Hooper's 1981 film The Funhouse. If carnys freak you out, listen to this one at your own risk. Download the... Continue Reading →

Fraidy Cat

There were many third stooges over the years. It started with Shemp, then Curly took over when the act got big. Shemp came back when Curly got sick and stuck with the act until his death. He was replaced in 1957 by Joe Besser. Truth be told, Besser is probably my least favorite stooge. He’s... Continue Reading →

Eyes of a Stranger

After John Carpenter’s Halloween was a hit at the box office, slasher films became Hollywood’s horror genre of choice. Many long running series with bizarre killers like Jason, Freddy and Chuckie would come along throughout the 80’s. However, there were a few films that featured killers who were just normal looking hockey masks or... Continue Reading →

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