Alfie Darling

You’d think that the unavailability, or unwillingness, of a star to take part in the sequel to one of their films would put the breaks on things. Even more so when we’re talking about a film that really put a certain actor on the map. Such was the case with Michael Caine and the 1966... Continue Reading →

The Stud

I always think of Joan Collins as primarily being a television star. After all, I grew up in the 80’s when she was a big hit on Dynasty. However, ever since I started looking at so-called Forgotten Films, she seems to regularly pop up in some strange films I’ve covered, including The Devil Within Her,... Continue Reading →

The Devil Within Her

After “Rosemary’s Baby” came along in 1968, it opened up a whole world of movies with evil kids. Famously there was “The Omen,” but not-so-famously there was today’s film which features one mean little baby. It’s title sounds like it should be in that little curtained off, “adults only” corner of your local video store...but... Continue Reading →

Tales that Witness Madness

You’ve got to figure that anthology movies are somewhat doomed from the beginning. There’s just no way around it, there’s always going to be certain segments that work and others that don’t. So the end result ends up being a bit uneven. Yet, filmmakers keep trying, especially in the horror genre. Today’s film is a... Continue Reading →

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