Hollywood Boulevard

Make no mistake, film is an amazing art form.  Making a movie is an amazing process and film fans can spend days discussing the thousands of different artistic disciplines that come together to create just one movie.  But we won’t be having that sort of discussion today, loyal readers.  For today’s movie was made on... Continue Reading →

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

I usually review the movies of the past on this blog, but today we’re going to look at a recent film that is about the movies of the past.  “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel” is a documentary from last year about legendary producer/director Roger Corman.  Corman’s is not a name that is usually... Continue Reading →

Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

Movies are supposed to be fun!  I think a lot of filmmakers forget that.  There have certainly been plenty of times where I’ve seen some big prestigious movie and though I may have been able to recognize it as an excellent film I didn’t have any fun watching it.  Then you have movies like the... Continue Reading →


When you end up with a hit movie, chances are good that someone is going to try and copy your success.  After Jaws made you afraid to go into the ocean there came Piranha, Tentacles, and Orca: The Killer Whale.  So…after Joe Dante’s Gremlins was a hit in the summer of 1985, we saw a... Continue Reading →

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