Mad Doctor of Blood Island

The world of horror movies is filled with mad doctors. From Dr. Frankenstein on down, you just can’t trust those scientists. It makes sense, after all they’re always hanging out in creepy castles and surrounding themselves with hunchbacked weirdos. They may be brilliant but there’s a few screws loose as well. As for the doctor... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein’s Daughter

I love Universal’s series of Frankenstein films. The original “Frankenstein” is an absolute classic. Many say the sequel, “Bride of Frankenstein,” is even better. When I got around to watching “Son of Frankenstein,” I figured this would be where the series began its decline. But Son is a fantastic movie, as well, fueled by Bela... Continue Reading →

Hot Rod Gang

Once again, American International Pictures (AIP) takes us deep into the 50’s teenage underbelly with Hot Rod Gang.  Only, there’s not a lot of hot rodding going on in this flick.  Still, if it’s from AIP, you know you’re in for some B-Movie fun.  Many of the elements of AIP’s teen films are here...rebellious youngsters,... Continue Reading →

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